Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Life In Motion

Wow~becoming a parent changes everything! The other day my friend Annette and I were riding in my mini-van with Landon, Estera, and Noella while singing "The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round." I looked in the rear view mirror and just had to laugh thinking about how things had changed since our college days! It was really good to see Annette although it was difficult to talk non-stop the way we did in college! Maybe because Landon and Estera were learning how to play "hide and hide" as they both hid together behind a chair and giggled and squealed with delight! They were so cute to watch as they are only one month apart! They had their own little conversations and were talking and jabbering away with each other!

We visited the Barnett Family Park in Downtown Lakeland and met Shane, Rich, and Tommy(Rich's brother) there. They currently have an exhibit with sculptures by J. Seward Johnson at the park. These sculptures are so realistic that Landon walked up to one of a little girl and started talking to her and Estera hugged one of a little boy sitting in his Mom's lap. The exhibit is on an extended stay and will be in lakeland until May7. http://www.lakelandgov.net/parkrec/Parks/Sculptures.html

It was good to spend time with Annette and Rich! They are the Senior Pastors of Lighthouse Christian Church in Springfield, MA. http://www.fireofgod.com/links.html They have such a heart for their community and the New England area. It is always so inspiring and encouraging to talk with them as they may be the two most open and transparent people I have ever met! Hopefully we will be able to visit them soon! We have been wanting to go back up since their wedding!


Melissa said...

Yes I know how you feel. Having children changes everything. And in the same way its great. You can be a child again, and see things through their eyes. Act and play with them, see children interact with others, and sit back and take it all in while they ammuse themselves.
Having children is a great gift, only the lucky will know what we are talking about.

Anonymous said...

They are so cute Angie!!!!

Joyce said...

You know how I feel about kids--especailly the GRANDkids! You can even enjoy them the second time around......

Sandi said...

I just can't imagine life without kids. Trying to talk Tyler into another one.