Monday, May 30, 2005

Best Buddies

Landon and Alivia have become best buds over the past year!

Fred, Cara, and Alivia live right across the street and have become good friends! We actually got to play cards the other night! We made it all the way through Phase 10 and Cara was victorious!

The kids play so well together and love the same things! They both love Thomas the Train, The Wiggles, Barney, and playing in the Water! We set up the sprinkler and pool and they had a blast! I think Alivia was going for it more than Landon! She does not seem afraid of anything! She keeps right up with Landon! DidI mention how adorable she is? Anyway, they are a cute pair!

We are planning a trip to Mount Dora in October to meet Thomas the Train. I think the adults are more excited to ride on Thomas than the kids! Even though some may play it cooler than others!

Sorry about the long website! I still need to learn some things.


Joyce said...

How absolutely cool!

Sandi said...

I wish the Thomas the Train would come around here. Trevor would love that.