Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Day at the Beach

Sunday we had a fabulous time at Pass-a Grille Beach! We went later in the day and got to stay a little later than usual due to the holiday! I love being able to watch the sunset from the beach! There is nothing much like it as far as I'm concerned! The weather was just perfect and the breeze was so nice!

We met Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Lyss, and her friend Chelsea there! Landon was a little unsure about being at the beach at first. Maybe because the beach was quite crowded but it didn't take long after Daddy took him out in the water! He loved splashing and throwing a ball into a huge bucket of water! It was nice to see the splashing and not have to clean it up! Bathtime is another story!

Grandma and Landon had a nice time playing in the sand! Shane grilled the burgers which turned out to be very tasty! They were just right!

Landon got to take a walk with Grandma and Grandpa down the beach which he loved! He came back with the biggest smile and plenty of hugs for everyone!

Shane and I got a little time to relax on the beach! It was so nice to just lay there and do nothing! It is so peaceful! You feel like God can somehow hear you better when you are there in this beautiful place he created. And more importantly, you can listen to Him without all the distractions of everyday life!

I can't wait to go back!


mary said...

Oh, that sounds so nice! I can almost smell the beach when I look at the pictures.

Joyce said...

I love the smell of the ocean, the sounds of the waves...... I love the feel of sand under my bare feet...The beautiful sunsets are like "dessert" for the eyes! Doug says the negative ions are what make you feel so good there.....You can walk for miles and not get tired!