Thursday, May 26, 2005

I can do that!

I can't believe it but I am actually excited about cooking! My neighbor Kara invited me to a Homemade Gourmet show tonight. I had never heard of the company before but it sounded like fun! The meals are quick and easy to prepare for families on the go!The host prepared a Garden dill dip, Mediterranean Pasta Salad, Southwest Chicken Kabobs, and Fruit Passion Surprise for dessert! Let me just say that everything was so delicious! I ordered the Cranberry Almond Pasta Salad Mix and brought the Creamy Corn Chowder Mix home. I can't wait to try them.

It is a Christian company based on family traditions and focused on quality family time around the dinner table. They have a partnership with World Vision and support other charitable organizations. The lady who founded the company was a stay at home Mom who loved making family recipes that she learned from her grandmother. She gave out the mixes to family and friends and eventually started a business out of her home. The recipes are really simple as you start with a mix or seasoning kit and add in the rest of the ingredients.
Here is the link:

Technology and our hectic lives pull us all in separate directions. There is no alternative for time spent together! At school one day one of our middle school teachers asked the kids to raise their hand if they had dinner together as a family. Sadly, he was met with blank looks and no raised hands. I know it is a struggle! I remember my Mom trying to get us all to the table at the same time! Wow~ and that was with only two kids! I can't imagine how families with four or five children make it work!

We went to a wedding at the beach last weekend and ended up sitting at the reception with the bride's aunt and uncle and their two teenage cousins. These boys were 14 and 17. At first it was a bit awkard not knowing anyone at our table but soon we were cracking up! These kids told the most hilarious stories about their grandfather and their Dad when he was growing up. The oldest attends IB (International Bacculareate) and the younger son goes to Union Academy. I know both require a 4.0 GPA and you must have that someting extra to be accepted. They defintely had it! We were in stitches the rest of the night. One son said they have their best family times around the dinner table! It just gave me hope! I am around very dysfunctonal families with my job so this was a breath a fresh air. Family time is a good thing!

Sorry to ramble- it has been a while!


Joyce said...

It's encouraging that though those boys were very intelligent they also apparently had PERSONALITY! Nothing is worse than being with a brainy person who doesn't know how to laugh!

Amy said...

I can relate to struggling with dinner time. It wasn't as much of an issue in TN but since Travis has such a weird schedule we usually just grab something. It's important though and we're definitely going to work on it.

mary said...

Several years ago now, I heard an incredible sermon on "the dinner table"...can't remember much about it or I'd tell you something really enlightening. I just remember it was that enough?

Angie said...

Incredible is definitely enough! You've got my interest!

We are working on it too! It is so easy for me to just pick something up on my way home! Shane's work scheldule varies so a couple nights each week is probably a good goal.