Thursday, May 12, 2005

Landon Boy

Our little Landon boy loves to sing and dance. He plays his keyboard and dances at the same time. I've never seen feet move as fast as his do!

At bedtime we read books, sing, and pray and then Landon is off to bed. He has loved his bed from the moment we set it up. Ever since he was around 1 and 1/2 years old he goes to bed with a big smile, a kiss, and a bye-bye. Sometimes we would hear pounding which was Landon kicking in bed!~ he was just so excited to be there!

Landon has started saying "One more time" after we read to him at bedtime. He especially loves his freight train book and his ABC Album made by his Grandma. When we tuck him in he says "Mommy lay down on the choo-choo pillow." The other night Shane said he remembered that he wanted to dance right before getting into bed. Delaying bedtime has begun! Tonight he tried to hide behind a door when we announced bedtime. Too funny!

One night as I was watching American Idol I saw the little guy peering over the back of the couch cushions. He absolutely loves American Idol so the last few Tuesday nights he has been staying up late with Mom! He sings and dances and cheers the contestants on! We have the best time singing together!

The Wiggles are also another favorite! He loves singing the songs while riding in the car! They used to really bug me but now I like them because Landon LOVES them!!!!!

Everything looks so different when you see it through the eyes of YOUR child!


mary said...

He is so cute! Bedtimes are so sweet...I don't want to leave Owen's room sometimes. We didn't get to see Landon last time we were down so it's good to see a picture of your handsome little man.

Amy said...

Chloe is a master in the fine art of delaying bedtime. She'll say "just 1 more story, no 2, no 3, no just 4 more stories." We finally had to put a limit on them.

I can just imagine Landon singing and dancing to the Wiggles. Chloe loves music too maybe they'll be in a band.

Joyce said...

You younger women bless me in ways you don't even know! I get to re-live the days when my children were little and oh so cute!

Singing and dancin', huh? Simon Cowell better watch out!