Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why did the gator cross the road?

So I've lived in Florida for around 15 years including my college years when I went back and forth to Tennessee. My husband has lived in Florida 29 years and what happened Saturday was even a little bizarre for him!
Growing up we went to my grandparents for weekend trips we usually would see deer or coyotes but not much more than that. When I came to Florida it freaked me out to know there were gators in Lake Bonny right across from Southeastern. One frequented the area right behind my apartment on campus.
I've seen my share of turtles, squirrels, possum, and armadillos all just trying to get across the road to the other side! Now Saturday was a different story. We were driving along on our way home from a concert at Cypress Gardens (AudioAdreneline and Tobi Mac) and I was turned around in my seat talking to Landon. All of a sudden I heard the loudest thump!!!
Shane was a little freaked out! He thought it was an armadillo at first but then realized there was no way. He saw that it was on all four legs and had quite a tail! He kept saying "I hit a gator!" I said there was no way! We turned around but it was too dark to see anything. Shane said he thought he ran over the tail. It was weird thinking that a gator might be out there somewhere without part of his tail. Too weird!
We realized that he was crossing the road right beside Gatorland Family Theme Park. Maybe he just wanted to have a little fun. Well we sure spoiled that! I don't know why but I kept thinking about the movie Happy Gilmore. The whole gator thing~scary!
Anyway, we made it home safe and sound and the minivan is intact.


supershane said...
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supershane said...

It's not cool hitting an animal on the road. I tried to miss the bugger, but I didn't want to swerve the van. I was hoping I only hit his tail, but, alas, I got the guy.

Why did the gator cross the road? Maybe it was the putt-putt.

Desperate HW 6 said...

To get to the other side- SAFELY???? That's the only answer that I can come up with!!!! Halleluah for the end of Thug-Wanna-Be Scott from the great state of Ohio. He needs help bad! Almost as much as the Sarah W. girl on the Bachelor. They are both very full of themselves- so they should be a couple. Are you sure that it was a gator that you hit? Maybe you could get some big bucks by scraping the skin off of the tailpipe and making it into a cute little pocketbook! Ha!Ha! Shane- you were really smart to not run your van off the road! My brother's used that story one too many times to try to get out of trouble in his younger days by trying to tell my parents (on two occasions) that he swerved to miss a squirrel. Matters! Anyway- I'm just glad that you all are OK (only because of Shane's quick thinking). Trey's 30th birthday is Saturday- and his ex-sister-in-law wants to throw him a surprise party. Sounds really nice- but weird. Anyway- I need to get on the phone and make some last minute calls. Peace out!

Angie said...

Girl~ You are too funny!
It was a gator. Shane saw it out in the median coming home from work the other day. It was not pretty! Ugghhhh!

Please tell Trey "Happy Birthday" For me!

mary said...

Hey Angie! so cool that you're blogging. Hope you don't meet anymore gators and keep up the great work with the kids.

Amy said...

OK, first of all I finally found your blog!

Secondly, I know where Gatorland is and I didn't know it was anywhere near a lake. So, it begs the question, was the gator out for a stroll?

Amy said...

OMG! So he actually killed the gator, I thought those things were made like tanks!!!