Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Landon Picasso

Some of Landon's little paintings are really good! I would love to have frames where I can display his artwork~ His teachers have told me that he will paint for 45 minutes straight sometimes! I hope to get him an easel, set it up on the back porch, and just let him go for it! A regular Picasso.

When I picked him up yesterday, I asked about his painting and he said it was "Fire~boom boom" referring to the fireworks we saw on the 4th of July! He was so looking forward to seeing them. Once they started he clung so tight to Daddy, and didn't let go except to go to Mommy for a split second and then right back to Daddy. I'm sure he felt more secure in his great big Daddy's arms! He did peek at the "boom-boom" every now and then as big tears streamed down his face. After the grand finale, his head popped up and he asked "Where's the fire? Want more boom boom!" We just laughed and shook our heads. He continued asking for a couple days and continues to bring it up. Aren't kids the greatest?


mary said...

That is so awesome. I am amazed that someone as busy as Landon will spend so much time with art. He must love it. While we were there I watched his little hands going and he is non stop...what he must imagine and will one day create. Keep him happy, maybe he'll be rich someday. :)

Angie said...

I am defintely looking for an art easel this weekend! I can't wait to get him set up!

Joyce said...

I can't believe how much like Shane he is! Shane was petrified of fireworks. I remember the Rowdies game we went to when the boys were little with the fireworks display at Tampa Stadium (as it used to be called), Shane hid his face in my lap and shivered the entire time!

As for art, he's Grandpa's boy! Grandpa can draw very well....How exciting!