Thursday, November 03, 2005

Woody's Round Up

OK~ I promise not to post any more pictures of cute kids. I mean cute kids that don't live in my house! I found this costume at the Disney Store and knew it was the one!
The first time Landon saw himself as Woody in the mirror is hard to describe. He looked, looked a little closer, and then the biggest, most amazing smile came over his face! He was estatic running through the house and he grew very attached to the hat and costume right away.
I had to put it away in the closet to keep it intact for the parade. I knew things would happen if I didn't. Little boy things if you know what I mean.


mary said...

That is so sweet. I wish I could have seen that reaction. How heart warming.

Hope you are feeling good.

Joyce said...

Don't EVER stop posting pictures of my gorgeous grandson!

mary said...

When I opened up your blog just now, Owen was standing here beside me and pointed to Landon's picture and said..."There's Woody right there!"

Angie said...

Awwww!! It sounds like Owen and Landon share a lot of interests! Legos, Woody, & Trains! How fun!