Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy 2006!

This past month has been so packed full of good times! We had so much fun with family and friends and enjoyed Christmas and New year's so much! We enjoyed them so much that we still have our decorations up! Soon people will start to talk. Oh well, I'm tired and we will get to it soon enough.

Anyway, December is always a busy, crazy, exciting month for us but we have so much fun! We went out to Maggiano's for Shane's 30th Birthday and enjoyed delicious food and company. He really enjoyed having his parents, Alyssa, and Abuela there and it meant a lot to him.

Christmas Eve we had all the family over to celebrate with a Cuban feast! Shane's family knows how to cook it just right! After eating Abuela's black beans and Abuela Zoila's yucca I had no desire to eat at Bongo's which is a cuban restaurant in Downtown Disney. There is just no comparison! It was awesome to have Travis, Amy, and their three daughters here this year! We enjoyed catching up with them, playing tons of ping pong, boardgames, and even watching Veggie Tales together! My~ how things change when you grow a family. It was great fun though and Landon kept asking about Chloe after they left. There is just too much to write here but if you look at the 101 million pictures you will have some idea of all the fun we had!

Christmas Day my Mom and Dad and Chad and Amy came up from Ft. Myers! We had such a good time and quite the ping pong tournament going in the garage! It was definitely the place to be. I loved having everyone here and feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who love the Lord and love each other!

Shane, Landon , and I finished off our vacation with a trip to Downtown Disney, the outlet malls, and The Boardwalk on New year's Eve! Landon danced on the boardwalk and espcially loved getting the hats, horns, and all. He kinda likes his hats!


Amy said...

We had so much fun! I told Tisra about the espresso brownies and pumpkin roll- man that stuff is addictive.

Joyce said...

There isn't much else to add....I'm SO thankful for the fabulous time we all had....It went much too quickly!

Amy & Chad said...

We had a great time, too! Thanks so much for having us. Christmas at the Johnson household rules!