Tuesday, January 31, 2006


To anyone who knows my Dad aka "Big O" they know just how awesome he is! He is such a blessing in my life and to everyone around him! Sunday morning he called me concerned that he forgot to give Shane a gift on Saturday when we were down in Ft. Myers. It was a quick phone call because he needed to leave to pick up people for church on the church bus. It just really touched me how he is always giving and thinking about others. There have been countless times when he and Mom have helped people they have met from the "Go Ye Outreach" that Chad helped to start at their church. One time that stands out is when they helped a single Mom furnish her home and drove her to job interviews and watched her baby while she went in to apply for jobs.

It is no wonder how my brother and I ended up working in the field of Social Work. My Dad lived it right before us since we were young. He taught us so much by his example and set boundaries for us while letting us know how much we were loved. The times that really stand out are family vacations with Dad. Especially the one to the Bahamas! We got to see a totally different side to him and had a blast. Dad taught me how to shoot a basketball, how to ride my bike in the church parking lot, tried to teach me how to fish, and took us 4-wheeling to the Sand Pits by our house. Yes~ I was definitly a tomboy and loved every minute of it!

Dad would never ask for anything or any recognition for the many ways he has given and selflessly put others before himself. I just want to honor him on his 60th Birthday for everything he means to me and to so many others! I Love You Dad! You are an amazing father and I am so proud of you!!!


Amy said...

Oh, so sweet! We hadn't seen Big O in several years until we saw him at Christmas and we had a nice time talking to him. We talked about church and ministry and he was a blessing to us as well. We probably won't see him for a while but tell him "happy birthday" and give him a hug for us.

Joyce said...

Doug and I think the world of your parents! They are two of the godliest people we know, hard working and giving. We love your parents and admire them. We also thank God for them because they are the reason you are so loving and giving and beautiful inside and out!