Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!!! It is hard to express just how much a father means to a family. Our pastor said that all he wanted was to hear his son speak on Father's Day this year. Usually his son speaks when Pastor Reggie is out of town but this time he was able to just sit back and enjoy it. He spoke about being the father of two young children and that you can't be a great father or husband without being a godly man. He tells funny stories about his parents raising three boys and all the mishaps and situations along the way. It's nice to know your pastor and his family are human. The stories they have shared are hilarious and remind me a lot of my family (crazy fishing trips, getting in trobule in church, and so on.) It is hard to balance love, discipline, and fun with your kids. It can't be an easy job but the men in my life seem to know the secret. I am so thankful for a godly father and grandparents who taught me the ways of the Lord. We were always at church no matter what! Shawn talked about even being on vacation and having to sit in the hotel and watch Jimmy Swaggart (who he was not crazy about) on TV as a family. I can totally relate to that. I remember Jimmy Swaggart, listening to Christian 8-tracks on vacation (Dallas Holm and The Colemans), and singing songs with my Mom and brother on trips. The thing is my Christian heritage is what I value most. Dad was strong and consistent in his faith. We had a lot of fun too! From ping pong tournments to basketball, vacations to the beach, riding go karts and four wheelers at the sand pits, and going white water rafting.

This past weekend was full of fun! Friday night Landon and I made Shane a cake with sprinkles (Landon's favorite) and surprised him with it when he got home. On Saturday we made a quick trip to Lido Key in Sarasota. The weather was a little hot but we got a break from the clouds as it was overcast quite a bit. Landon was brave and after inching up to the water and playing in the sand for a while decided to jump in! He and Shane had a blast! He was jumping off Shane's shoudlers and jumping into the waves like the fearless boy that most people know. He still was pretty anxious when we arrived but it seems to be less and less each time. Shane got to watch most of the World Cup game when we got home and then we grilled steaks and had a nice meal. On Sunday, Landon helped me make breakfast for Shane and got to give him some things he made at school. Shane has been asking for pictures for his desk at work so I framed what looks like a scrapbook page complete with Cameron's hand and foot prints. We were both covered in blue ink on Friday!

Then, on Sunday evening we met Granpa, Grandma, Alyssa, and Christian at Sonny's at had a nice time. Landon gets so excited around family and loves all the attention! He waited and waited for his beloved red balloon all through the meal! When he got outside somehow it came off the string even though Shane had tied it to his belt loop. We all got the excitment of watching the red dot until it was out of sight! Fun, right? Anyway, Granpa went in and got Landon another red balloon and brought it to him and Landon asks in a concerned voice but "Where's my other balloon?" Funny~ the bond that developed between them in such a short time. It is amazing watching Shane with both boys! I always knew he would be an amazing Dad even back when we were working in Children's Church and going to Kid's Camp. Somehow, I feel we may be revisiting those days. I was watching Shane teach Landon how to hit the T-ball the other day and I think he would also be great coach material! We'll see!!!


mary said...

Sounds like life is keeping you guys busy and happy. It's so good to read of your trips to the beach as well as your moments with the boys at home. God is so good.

Amy said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I miss Lido beach and St. Armand Circle. It's great to have happy memories of your childhood. My Dad would make us listen to preaching tapes on trips too. There was also a couple that sang that he made us listen to. I hated it but I do appreciate my heritage as well.