Friday, June 23, 2006

Landon loves his books and reading before bed. He loves it so much that he will bring a huge stack of books to the bed when it is bedtime. I love that he wants us to keep reading and asks over and over again for us to read more! He definitely has memorized some of his favorites (Curious George goes to the Zoo, Freight Train, and Pajama Time) and will read them to us or along with us. Lately, he has been reading or should I say remembering so much more! The other night he asked to read It's Raining, It's Pouring which we read a couple times before. He loves the part about the old man sneezing because naturally we do our own sound effects. Anyway, I turned the page and he remembered word for word what he heard the night before!

"He blew so hard
that he moved the stars,
but of course that wasn't easy!"

It was so neat to see the smile on his face!! He was so proud! For me it was like the first time he sang a familiar song or remembered the words all on his own. I would love to take Landon to the library. I keep telling Shane we need to take him and he gives me weird looks. I guess we would cause quite a commotion. Maybe we'll wait on that one.


mary said...

Oh, take him...he might surprise you. Kids seem to sense when they are supposed to be quiet...and if he's not can always leave. Can you imagine the thrill he would get from ALL THOSE BOOKS!?

Amy said...

So sweet! Chloe loves the library but I haven't taken her lately because Halle doesn't know when to be quiet.

Joyce said...

Mary's right. I am so proud of my grand boys! One of my fondest memories is reading to my children. Doug was the one to rough house with them, you know toss 'em in the air, chase 'em around, sports and all but I was the reader.....Book recommendation: Seuss' "Great Day for Up", it's silly but I love it!

Angie said...

We did visit the library and I wish I had done it sooner! Landon, Cameron , and I went this morning while Shane waited downtown in a very long line to buy crype myrtles. So, Landon just loved the puzzles they had out and listening to "Green Eggs and Ham" on the computer with the headphones. I was showing him how to how to use the mouse and suddenly he said "I did it!"

He just loved getting his own library card too! We left with lots and lots of books and a video. They have reading groups during the week for babies and preschoolers so maybe we can take off and go one of these days!