Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Wish

Today we were preparing to go out Christmas shopping and I thought we might take the boys to have their picture made with Santa. I said "Landon, What do you want for Christmas this year?" and he quickly answered "a happy heart" and just went on about his business. Of course, my heart just melted and I realized that he is far ahead of most of the adults (me included) running around buying up toys and games and everything we think will make kids "happy." He is just so content to spend a day at home reading books or doing a puzzle and loves snuggling up on the couch.

He and Cameron did sit on Santa's lap today and when Santa asked Landon what he wanted for Christmas he said "A candy cane" and when asked if their was anything else he said "A chocolate treat." Shane tells Landon all the time that he is Santa so Shane said that should be easy enough.

Landon sang in his first Christmas Program on Friday and Shane and I were just beaming! I felt like I couln't wipe the huge smile off of my face. He immediately looked for us when his class stepped up on the stage and when we waved and smiled he seemed to feel reasuured like "Yeah, I can do this!" He sang out on all the songs and waved his arms back and forth so cute! He had antlers and a bright shiny nose! His class sang three songs and then they came back at the end and sang 6 more songs. I was so impressed that they were able to hold up through so many. The teachers of course have been working with them for some time and were beaming as well!

It is hard to believe but our "Little Landon" is now 4 years old!!! His party was so much fun with friends and family sharing in his special day! He was so excited and even allowed his Buddy, Carson, to help him with the gifts by handing him the gifts to open. It was hilarious watching them work as it was like and assembly line for opening gifts. They actually worked very well together and wasted no time at all! My only dilemma at the end was to find out who gave Landon the first hot wheel race track so that I can send a thank you when I get the time~ Ha! Cameron enjoyed the party too and was even able to get a nap in when Aunt Lyss held him. It was a nice time and Landon was very thankful for his new toys and hasn't stopped playing with them. It feels like we have already had Christmas at our house and we are only half way through December.


Amy said...

Wow, that his class could learn all of those songs is very impressive. I can hardly believe he's 4 already and Cameron is so big. I sound like a broken record saying that we miss so much by living so far away and wish that we could be there for these milestones. The boys truly seem to be thriving and we're excited and proud for you.

mary said...

Very impressive! He's a great kid and to think you have two of them! Both seem content and happy, what a blessing.

Joyce said...

Reading the words you and Amy (and Mary, too) write bring back so many memories.....when Travis was a "tree" in his Arbor Day program at Stella Scott Sunrise School and when he was the main character in his junior high production of Harvey. Shane astounded us all when he played a "rapist" in a skit on date rape at CHC. It was such a far stretch for our shy son! Or when Christian was an elf in the Christmas prgram at his school and when he was one of the Cratchit children in "The Gospel According To Scrooge".....Of course, I fondly remember every recital (do you think the fact that I have hundreds of pictures has anything to do with it?) Alyssa was in but one of my favorites was when she was a sassy dancer in "The Sugar Plumbers" with her dad and a couple of other fathers at Miss Becky's and also when she was the angel with "attitude" in a church production of "The Fumbly, Bumbly Angels".... No parents have ever clapped louder or beamed brighter than we whenever our kids were the "star" (even if it was only in our eyes!)
Sorry I missed Landon's performance.....