Friday, February 02, 2007

A New Year

What we are up to:
  • Landon and I have been going to a creative play group at the Polk Museum of Art the past few weeks. I will have to post pictures of his artwork. He just loves it and I love seeing him in a new environment around other kids. This past week they did self portraits so they will get to finish those next week. Landon surprised me at just how interested he was. He just seemed to get lost in whatever activity he was doing and was so creative. Of course I am his mom so everything he does is creative to me:) It's nice to have this time with him!!!
  • Cameron is loving everybody! The Dr. told me today this may not be for long as he is approaching the "stranger anxiety"stage. We will see but it is hard for me to imagine this with Cameron as he is a jolly guy and just about goes to everyone so far. He is saying mama and dada and loves playing cars with landon on the kitchen floor. He will sit and roll the cars back and forth and chases Landon around the house much to landon's amusement However, tonight he was talking to landon and pulling his hair while he was watching his favorite movie which didn't go over to well. Cameron is still on all fours and seems to move around the house effortlessly. I love watching him hang to whatever he can and watching him dance. He really gets with it and has lots of smiles and laughs for us!
  • Planning a trip to Mississippi next weekend for my Granny's 90th Birthday Surprise Party! Shhh~don't tell! Cameron and I will be riding up with my parents and flying back on Sunday. Shane will be working and Landon will be staying with him this time. It is very hard to leave part of my family but this is a very special occasion that only happens once in a lifetime. I am very excited to see her as the last time was when we brought Cameron home from the hospital. We are flying out of Memphis so I will be able to visit Collierville and see how much things have changed!

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