Friday, February 23, 2007

Have You Been to Graceland?

Q: Where are you from originally?
A: Memphis
Q: Have you ever been to Graceland?
A: Nope or at least not that I can remember.Posted by Picasa

This played over and over throughout college. I remember my Mom telling me that we went once when I was an infant but that we were not able to tour the mansion for some reason that day. Anyway, to make a long story short I finally decided it was high time to visit. Mom had never really been and she lived in Memphis for years. Chad had never been and neither had his friend Trey who met us there with his little ones, Jake and Savannah. Amy and her Mom are long time Elvis fans so she had been several times and was ready for more! Dad had been with my cousin and his family and loved it! So all 9 of us posed for the picture and did our obligatory Memphis duty and went to see what everyone talks about. I'll have to say I was not disappointed. We wore little headsets and Lisa Marie tells stories of childhood memories of her Dad and gospel sings and visitors who came to Graceland. It was neat to hear it from her point of view. My favorite thing had to be all his different outfits and clothing down to the tuxedo and wedding dress as well as baby toys and cribs and all. It was also neat to hear stories of Elvis riding go-karts and shooting fireworks in the backyard. I enjoyed it and would like to visit again when we have more time. My Aunt Jan said that they went at Christmas time for only $5. That's what I'm talking about. It was nice to be back in Memphis for a moment and now I can finally say "Yes, I have been!" Thank you. Thank you very much. Yes~ I may very well be the cheesiest person ever.

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Amy said...

Funny! We've live in TN for almost 7 years now and we haven't even been to Memphis. I'm not an Elvis fan- or non-fan I'm neutral so I've never really wanted to go but I'm sure it would be interesting. I have been to DollyWood though and went through the Dolly museum so you're not the most pathetic person ever- I think we're probably tied ;)