Saturday, May 12, 2007


I just have to write a few things Landon has been saying. I just love his take on things.

One morning I told Landon "You're so cute I'm gonna eat you up! He replied "I won't eat you up. Don't eat me up Mama or you'll get sick."

Landon was sitting at the table and said something funny that made me laugh. I told him he was so funny and I guess he did not see the humor at the time. He said "Mama, It's not laughin' time, it's cute time" and said "I'm not funny, I'm cute."

We were talking about picking up Landon's new Larryboy movie, Moe and the Big Exit, and having a Larry boy party as we call it. Landon stopped and said "Wait, Here's the thing (holding his finger up in the air), I hold the chocolate and I hold the popcorn."

Whenever we are riding in the van together landon will say"Hey Mom and Dad, I love you mom and dad." He is so sweet and will say it over and over. Today he said "Mom and Dad, Tell Cameron you love him." Lately he says "I Love Ya, Mama" or "Daddy, Love ya" especially when they are playing with Legos. He tells Shane over and over again. So sweet!!!

After a recent trip to St. Pete Beach Landon had a lot of questions. We went to the stretch of beach where he could see the DonCeSar in the distance and he told Grandma he wanted to walk all the way to the King's Castle. I told Landon the story of how Shane proposed to me there and that we stayed there after our wedding. He kept asking all the way home "Did you get married at the King's Castle?" He then said "I lost you and I missed you at the castle" looking sad. He seemed a little sad that he didn't get to stay there too. He seemed happy to hear that we would stop at the castle another time for an ice cream on our next beach trip. At bedtime he kept talking about weddings and castles and it was so cute! I asked him if he was going to get married someday and he quickly said "Yes" and that he was going to marry Alivia.

Shane had surgery this past Wednesday to remove several cysts from his head and one from his neck that have been bothering him. On the way to the hospital Landon was concerned and so we prayed together for Daddy to feel better. Then he said Mama I want to do it. He said the sweetest prayer for his Daddy and prayed for his owies on his head to feel better.
Then one morning this past week Landon spilled his milk at breakfast and it was quite a mess for him to clean up. Shane helped him and then Landon sat down to put on his shoes. I heard him say "I spilled my milk" and Shane gave some sort of response. Landon said "No Daddy I'm talking to God."

Yesterday morning Landon went in his room and wanted to read his Bible. Then he brought his Bible in the front room and laid on the loveseat looking at the pictures and was so quiet. Shane went over and asked if Landon wanted him to read a little to him. Landon replied "No Daddy, I'm talkin to this book."


Mary said...

So sweet. He really is a sweetheart. I know how I've felt the times that Owen really prays from his heart and I nearly cry each time.

Christy said...

Sigh. I miss those tiny little person words. Thanks for sharing!

Amy said...

So sweet! It's so neat when they start to understand things and try to articulate that.

Chloe is starting to "get" sayings like "it's a piece of cake", etc.

Joyce said...

I smiled and laughed.....I love when Landon throws his arms around me or Doug and says "I love you, Grandma" or "I love you Grandpa"......Then on the day of the shower when he was strapped in his seat he said "Grandma, I want to hug you!"...I just positively melted.....It doesn't take much to make this grandma happy.....