Thursday, October 18, 2007

So Excited !!!!!!

Most everyone probably knows that we are expecting again! If not, we are PREGNANT and we are right at 17 weeks. It seems so soon as I still see Cameron as my baby! He is so sweet and snuggly! Most people ask us if this was planned and it is hard to answer that one sometimes. We were always open to the idea of more children but I was on birth control and thankfully we learned that this is not harmful for the baby. Thank you Lord! I do believe that the Lord planned this pregnancy and that it is his wondrous gift to our family. He is so awesome!!! The baby was conceived on my B-day according to my calculations and my OB said the same thing! Wow! What a precious gift. My next appointment is the actual formal sonogram and is November 7. We are planning to take Landon as he seems to understand much more this time as an experienced big brother.

And for more news~ We have been praying and believing for Chad and Amy for some time now for a baby. This has been their heart's desire and the Lord's timing is so perfect. They returned from a mission trip to Jamaica this summer and were actually planning to return soon. Amy called me with the news that they are expecting too last week! I wanted to jump up and down!!! Praise the Lord! They are coming down for Thanksgiving so I can't wait to talk more and look at little baby things together.

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Christy said...

Wow! Congratulations!!! What wonderful news!

Mary said...

Congratulations! Amy had told me that you are expecting and we are so excited for you guys. Sounds like our third pregnancy experiences are somewhat similar. Praise the Lord for Chad and Amy's news. What a blessing! And now there will be cousins close in age...that's always a fun thing.

Amy said...

I'm so happy for you guys! And for Chad and Amy! What a blessing for all of you.