Monday, May 19, 2008

Cam is 2!!!

We had a nice party at the Barnett Family Park for Cam! The weather was just right and the company even better! Cameron had so much fun playing with his new sand and water table and running around the playground! He loves Little Einstein's and after I bought all the decorations I found out that Publix does not make a LE cake. Usually I check with them first but this year was a little different. So I remembered a little bakery/cookie shop in Bartow where they make amazing cakes. They had just finished up a cake for Sun n' Fun and the lady there is so talented. I gave her a picture and this is what she came up with. I have to say it was very reasonable from what I have heard from others and from checking around. It was so sweet but so good! Cam ate his piece and asked for more! Little Kyleigh slept through the whole party! I'm sure it will be different come next year! Cameron is so full of love and hugs and smiles!!! I'm sure the 2's will bring lots of stories. precious moments, and challenges along the way. Bring it on!
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