Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life as a SAH mommy!

I am loving being a full time mommy of three!!! It keeps me hopping and there is very little time to post our daily happenings, outings and such so I will post when I can between feedings, play dates and trying to catch my breath! At first I spent a lot of my time as a strategist as far as how I would go to the grocery store or take Landon to soccer practice but those days are far behind me! Just kidding~ they are not too far back! I guess I feel a little more confident as I have had great help lately! All of the grandparents are SO helpful when we are together and I am finding that help is a good thing. Not that I thought help was a bad word or anything before. It was not bad it was just not for me or so I thought.

Of course I have been in the helping mode for most of my life and feel that it is part of my makeup but I guess somewhere along the way I didn't learn to ask for or to recognize when I needed a little of what I was dishing out. I think that I worked through some of this in graduate school as I realized I couldn't change anyone but could be a mirror to others who might see themselves a little more clearly and make necessary changes along the way or not. I think I learned a lot about communication although I don't always put this into practice as it is very easy to fall back into old habits when I feel stressed. I do know that I have several cognitive distortions that I struggle with. I know that the enemy tries to attack through our thought lives; however, of course some of this is because of messages we heard or what we tell ourselves about our experiences. Our pastor always says that we have three enemies: the world, the flesh, and the devil. I definitely know that my flesh can get in the way so I try to keep aware of pitfalls and traps especially in my thinking that play over and over. Of course, meditating on the Word and renewing my mind daily is crucial and keeping my focus on what really matters.

My husband has helped me in this area immensely and has always made me think. I used to get so mad when he would answer my question with a question (such a counselor~ he's a good one!) Most of the time he just gives me the *look* and I laugh and forget what I was even concerned about in the first place. I just love him. I think I have begun to slow down and to see myself more clearly and have accepted the fact that I cannot do it all and that I do need help from time to time! This past week my parents took the kids and I on vacation to Kissimmee (Shane was recovering and had to work) and we were able to do so many things with Landon, Cameron, and Kyleigh. We even went to Islands of Adventure (Seussville was spectactular!) one day which was a first for all of us as well as swimming in the pool, walking around Disney's Boardwalk, Old Towne and much more. Landon got to go fishing with his Poppa and learned how to play checkers this past week too! Several offers have been made to watch the kids or help out in different ways and my hairdresser even offered to watch the baby the other day. This help thing may not be so bad after all!

In other news we joined up with PALS which has been Amazing so far! There are around 60 SAHM's in the group and there are tons of activities and get togethers each month! We have been to several play dates and all the moms and so helpful and friendly and someone is always there to help me get all three kids to the car. There are mom only events and family outings as well as activties pretty much everyday such as water day at different homes, craft/story play dates, beach days, etc. It was just what I had imagined being able to access someday and it is now a reality! There are so many resources and there are also charitable events each month to participate in. This group has already been such a blessing~ God is so Good!!!

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