Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First Day

Landon's First Day of Kindergarten was a few weeks back but I wanted to post these pictures!!! We had been to Orientation and he had met his teacher, Miss Hoover, so I think that helped quite a bit plus he was just ready! We went back to Publix for his graduation the Friday before and I cried my eyes out the night before after watching him sleeping in his room. He is growing up so fast and has matured so much that sometimes it is hard for me to take it all in. I did notice that when I picked him up he had all these hairs growing on his legs. Oh man! Anyway, the first morning he was just so excited although we had to wait quite a while outside to have his picture taken with his teacher. When he walked into school with her he looked so confident and he didn't look back once. I thought that I was holding together so well until I drove away and "In My Arms" by Plum came on the radio. Oh man what timing. It was overwhelming. The tears came.

They are a really good match and I have gotten to talk with her several times and then at Open House the other night. The classroom is just so cute and little~it was funny with all the parents sitting in these little blue chairs. Landon is my boy who loves structure and loves knowing what is coming up next. He thrives on a schedule and maybe that is partially due to being at PCDC. Cameron is my free spirit but that is another post! He missed his brother so much on the first day of school. When we got back home he was so quiet and kinda moped around most of the morning. At one point he was walking around saying "Landy, where are you?"

So Landon is loving the whole PE thing and talks about his music teacher and visiting the computer lab. He said the rule was not to put your fingers in your mouth or nose and then touch the keyboard:) He has homework and has done well with it and gets so excited to show me his agenda. I feel like South McKeel is a great fit for him and I am so happy that he was accepted. His first field trip is coming up to the Fire Station and Barnett Park. I would love to chaperone but little guys are not welcome so maybe something will work out.


Mary said...

He is such a handsome kid. I know you are so proud of him. Sounds like school is a great experience for him so far.

Amy said...

How sweet! He's growing up so fast. I'm so glad that he's in a great school, it makes such a difference for all of you to not have to worry about that.