Monday, February 22, 2010

Lots Going On!

It is the start of a brand new week and my hubby is off to Dallas today for a Microsoft training. He will be there until Thursday and I am very proud and happy for him to have this opportunity! He was beaming when he found out he was picked for this project and he so deserves it! The Lord is working in our lives and there are so many new things happening. Change is not easy but I have help and the Lord is revealing many things that I need to work on but all at a pace I can handle. I am thankful he does not give me more that I can handle and that each day I see a little more clearly.

Kyleigh has already gone pee pee twice this morning on her potty! She pulls off her diaper and runs to the potty and then does not want it back on. I guess I could go ahead and buy some big girl panties and see how she does~yeah! The potty we got is pink and plays a little tune when she goes. She is so proud and sometimes does a little potty dance to go along with it. All I can say is Thank the Lord and that I am so proud of her! Need to get started on the housework and Landon has a robot to make this week for his Robot Parade! Fun fun!

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Amy said...

Congratulations to you guys!

How blessed you are that Kyleigh wants to potty train so early. Amanda did too but Halle resisted until she was three...