Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Hilton House

This beauty is near Alys Beach and can be seen from 30~A as you pass through. The kids love seeing the cruise ship as we pass or ride our bikes and it is simply magnificent. It is rumored to be owned by Paris Hilton but you know how those rumors get started! It was actually built by Charlie Hilton and his wife Lela from Panama City. Construction started around 2001 and I think it was completed sometime in 2009. We took a few pictures during construction back in 2006 (see below). The glass is my favorite part~just the color and the back of the house is mostly glass with breathtaking views.

Visitors are not allowed inside, but the architect's website describes interior spaces that "flow freely without walls or partitions" and with different levels that "maximize direct ocean views."

Incredible view from our bike ride along in July of 2010!

Back in July in 2006 we snapped a few pictures! We could not believe what we were seeing~ although the blue glass was beautiful along the back of the house. I can only imagine what that view must be like! It is truly something to see if ever you are in the area! I will eventually make my way through all these vacation pictures;)

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