Friday, February 25, 2011

My Big Boy

I've been meaning to write about my babies for some time now but the fact that I am taking care of them may have a little to do with that:) Running Cam to VPK has been a change for us this year but has been such a great thing for him! We have seen him grow socially, academically and his speech has really improved along the way. He has been evaluated a couple of times and his teacher says that he has all his letter sounds in isolation but when he gets going in conversation is when he has difficulty. Hopefully he will be able to start speech therapy at least once a week or more after Spring Break. We will need to have the IEP meeting first which I hope will happen soon. It is so different being the parent trying to get services and seeing things from the other perspective. He will be fine and it is not urgent but it would be nice to get things going before Kindergarten starts. It is so hard to believe that he will be going to *big boy* school in August and getting ready with Landon:) He is so excited!
We LOVE his VPK teacher and he has already learned so much this year! He is reading K words already and started this during Dr. Seuss week before Spring Break. Mrs. Fitzsimmons came highly recommended and I am so glad we got on the waiting list for Highlands Grove when we did. We were all signed up to go to another program at a nearby church which is supposed to be great but I was not that comfortable with the size of the class and the number of children. His current class starts at 11:45 and goes until 3:00 and there are 10 children. His teacher also speaks and sings to them in Spanish and is so gifted with kids. They actually have several gardens and are currently growing strawberries and snap beans. Cameron gets to weed and care for the garden. Something I have wanted to do but never got around to. Back in October they were growing corn (see pic:)
There are two parents volunteers for his class (me included) and it has worked out great because I am able to take Kyleigh with me:) She actually fits right in and does whatever the big kids are doing. She really wants to go to school there now as she cries most days when we have to leave. I really hope we can get her in when she is 4. Cameron loves all his little friends and can't wait to get out of the van when he sees one of them in the parking lot. He is usually yelling their name out no matter how far away they are. It is so adorable when they walk in together too! He sometimes holds their hands~ the boys and girls~Lol! It is the cutest thing ever and just makes my heart melt. Cam is definitely a social guy and loves just being out in public no matter what we are doing. He is usually the one waiting at the door for me to leave. I am really trying to enjoy this last bit of the school year as we have our mornings together. Sometimes we go to the park or on a play date but I just want to soak in the time with him because very soon he will be in a uniform alongside his brother no doubt smiling from ear to ear:)


Amy Button said...

Cameron is getting so big. The program he's in sounds fantastic. I think it's so cool when kids get the opportunity to plant things and watch them grow.

Angie said...

Yes! He brought home carrots, broccoli, and chives the other day. We planted those along with a sunflower his teacher gave him:) Made me think of u of course!