Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cute stuff

Kyleigh and I drove by a little dance studio the other day just to see if we could take a peek. My friend told us about it and it has not been open very long and they seem very reasonable for the pre-dance classes. Anyway, as we drove up Ky got so excited but the door was locked so no tour:( As we drove away she said " I want to dance so bad!" I got her a couple of dance outfits from my friend who picked up several at a consignment sale so this should be fun as long as it stays within the budget:) Otherwise, we have fun dancing in our kitchen for free~ She loves making up her own little spins:) This should be fun:P Thursday night I was getting ready to go out with a few girlfriends and wore a new blouse. Ky was taking a bath and watching me get ready. She just looked up at me out of the blue and said "Mommy, you look bootiful." It was so sweet:) She had a rough night last night with lots of throwing up everywhere including on Mommy and then Daddy took on the second shift. It was tiring but the love a parent has for a child is unexplainable. As I lay there with her on the loveseat covered in yuck it really didn't bother me~Lol! It is so worth it. The hard times make the good times and our good days even that much better. Kyleigh kept saying "Pray to me." :)She wanted to be held a lot today and fell asleep on her Daddy's lap two times. So cute and cuddly. I love the way she looked all melted into his arms~

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Amy Button said...

Awww, sweet Kyleigh. I hate it that she was so sick :( She would be the sweetest little dancer.