Thursday, October 06, 2011

Yeah for Fall

So after church last night we came home and made pumpkin muffins. Cameron brought a pumpkin home from church and he and Kyleigh were so excited to help me:) They both stood on chairs on either side of me and took turns adding the ingredients. It was a bit messy but so much fun for them and for me. We've been out of matches so I haven't been able to burn my pumpkin candles but this was so much better. Especially after grinding the cloves and adding the nutmeg and cinnamon. Ahhh. Love this time of year!

Kyleigh and I went on a Pumpkin Hunt around our neighborhood this morning. She had a little blanket over her legs and I had a light jacket. This is what I have been waiting for! I really want to get into a routine with walking or biking at least 4 times a week. In order for this to happen I must put it on the calendar and plan around our other activities. I am trying to keep some activities the same each week to create a little structure but also love the freedom to change things up a bit.

Kyleigh is thoroughly enjoying her ballet class and is one of the oldest or at least one of the tallest:) It is for 2-3 year olds and her teacher is wonderful. Landon and Cameron have practice every Wednesday for the Christmas program at church and homework just about every night so we are pretty busy since school has started. For the most part they love coming in and working on assignments. Landon really loves Math and timing himself but struggled a little with reading until we found a quiet and cozy chair for him. This has helped so much and he sometimes goes over the time he enjoys it so much.

A huge goal this month is to get ready for the Just Between Friends consignment sale. I have a few weeks to go through closets and toys and tag all my items. Hopefully this will give us extra money for Christmas or a trip this fall:) A few of my friends have done really well so I hope to get organized and make a little cash at the same time. This sounds so much better than having a yard sale.

My hubby really wants to see DCB in concert at The House of Blues in November as this will be one of their last concerts. I really need to get going and check on tickets. Hoping to plan out several date nights with him before he heads back to Canada again. The dates are not set in stone but we have an idea of when and it will be around 2 weeks that he will be gone:( Thank goodness for Skype! He went last year and we really missed him but I know the Lord will give me strength! He is so faithful and gives me an extra measure of his strength when Daddy is away. Single moms are very special people and I have so much admiration for them. Makes me appreciate my husband all the more when we are apart like that. As long as I keep my eyes focused on the Lord and take care of myself (walking, working out, etc.) I will be able to keep up with them:) The cool thing is we don't have to do anything elaborate~ I am just enjoying the simple things with my kiddos.

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