Friday, November 09, 2012


1~ The kiddos had SO much fun last night! Shane and I were assigned to a bounce house~ wow~ wild and crazy but fun:) Thankful for the little things today which are actually huge once I think about it. A new teacher for my daughter. A best friend for my son. Amazing teachers for both of our boys. God is always working! He is good.

2~ I am thankful for Landon. He took this picture of the new statue downtown. I love the way he sees the world. In many ways he is my hero. He is so strong, loving and unassuming. When I stop and see things from his perspective my whole world changes:) He is such a gift from God to our family.

3~ Thankful that I learn from my children daily what is truly important on this parenting journey. Such a wonderful adventure:)

4~ SO thankful for the Children's Ministry at our church. I was humbled to be a small part of this this morning. There is nothing like children worshipping God with their whole hearts! So precious and pure.

5~ Forever thankful and grateful that the Lord called my name during an evening camp service in Goodlettsville, TN. That night I surrendered my life to him and he has never let me down. My confidence is in Him. He spoke to me that night about how my life could be totally different and about the inheritance that he had for me! He keeps his promises! ♥

"We have been born into a new life which has an inheritance that can't be destroyed or corrupted and can't fade away. That inheritance is kept in heaven for you"
1 Peter 1:4

6~ 2 boys on the honor roll~ Date w my Lan~ a little Lecrae and getting some talk time~ unplanned 50% off clearance sale today:-) thankful!

7~ Thankful for our precious son Cameron Skyler:-) He has a huge heart and so much love to give! When he worships the Lord my heart sings. Last night he sang "How Great is Our God" and prayed for both Romney and Obama before bed. He always prays "Jesus, I love you soooo much!" I love to hear his laugh, see him taking care of our many pets and see him sharing and getting along great with his siblings. LOVE that boy!:-)

8~  A basket of pine cones and old frames i just found:) Time to get crafting! The little things.

9~  9: I'm taking the plunge! Pulling out the Christmas music:) Thankful for Harry Connick Jr, a little kenny G, and Bing Crosby. Also thankful for the Elf soundtrack/movie Lol! Even found some Motown Classics and Luther Vandross:) Yes~ I was born in Memphis!!!

10~ My Daddy aka *Big O*:) Well I feel I could write a book lol! So thankful for his consistent love and faithfulness to our family! He is the hardest working person ever and would do most anything to help someone out. Thankful that he always made sure we went to church whether we liked it or not:) Most thankful that my earthly father always leads me toward my heavenly Father.

11~  SO thankful for my Mama! For her constant unconditional love and listening ear that always made it better. And still does:) The countless hours she spent selling real estate and working so hard to supplement so that I could attend college. Her encouragement to get a good education helped me get through many semesters and to finally reach my goals. Mom always listens and prays for me whatever I am going thorugh. Love my Mama! ♥

12~ The brave men and women who serve so selflessly to protect this country. For their spouses and children who sacrifice everyday as well. Thankful.

13~ Thankful for our home! A place for all of us to love, learn, laugh, cry and play:) Last night was a blast playing Uno Attack. The kids loved it. Much laughter:D

14~ Thankful for my best buddy aka the Love of my Life! Shane Johnson ♥ Dreams come true when I'm with you;)

15~ I am thankful for our precious daughter~ Kyleigh Rose:) What a blessing she is to our family! So smart, creative, funny, adventurous, spunky, outgoing, loving and kind. Lord, give us wisdom in raising your daughter. Father, plant Your love, Your presence, and Your Word deep within her heart. Cause her to love You with all her heart, soul, mind, and strength and let NOTHING override that passion.

16~ So thankful for my little brother Chad Duncan!! He is one of the people who can make me laugh till I cry and turns a stressful day right around with a few words:) He is the boy who made up new catch words~phrases~jokes that spread throughout our youth group and beyond. He is just that cool. And did I mention hilarious? Love u bro ♥ p.s. I will miss u at The Opryland Hotel! Lemon coolers and jazz caps forever~lol.

17~   Thankful for the time I got to spend at my Granny and Grandad's house growing up in Ripley, MS. where people are as down to earth as they come~lol! Watermelon and mush melon and pone~ hanging clothes on the clothesline with Granny~ working in the garden~ Grandad finding a quiet place to whittle on a stick~ Granny sewing something out of a scrap of material~ drinking out of mason jars and the best fried chicken ever;) Most of all Granny knew how to pray! thankful ♥

18~ Beautiful scenery and a nice stack of firewood :-) Thankful!

19~ Thankful for horseback riding and to be in my home state today!! The kiddos are excited to see their TN cousins :-)

20~ Time with family and getting to watch the cousins play and bond with each other. What a blessing!! Thankful that my brother and sister~in~law allow us to come and visit in beautiful Franklin. We are a loud bunch and they make sacrifices to have us stay with them.

21~ Jumping in a pile of fall leaves~ playing hide and seek ~climbing trees~ oh to be a kid again:D Thankful for the little things.

22~ Thankful for the Holy Spirit. He is our comforter and help in time of need.  He is our guide and we can trust His leading.
23~ Thankful to have a girl's day out today! woo hoo! All things salvage and vintage and the like.
Love it! Just what I needed:)
24~ Thankful for Jesus! ♥ He is the same yesterday, today and forever!
25~ Thankful for all of my husband's family:) They are loving and giving and full of life! They are my family too and I love them! It is fun hanging out with them, playing games and celebrating special times together:)
26~ Melt~in~your~mouth pumpkin cookies and coffee= breakfast of champions :-) Still lovin the pumpkin around here!
27~Thankful for finding the courage to let go of what I cannot change.
28~ Thankful for choir practice tonight!! Such a hoot~ Haven't laughed like that in a while. Love my choir peeps:)
29~ What a precious time tonight with the boys. We were talking about a scripture and Cameron asked for a hug from God. He raised his hands and we ALL got a huge hug:) We all allowed the Holy Spirit to just envelope us. Such a sweet presence. He loves us. He loves you too! ♥
30~  Thankful to spend time with my kids each and every day! Reading *Jingle All the Way* with Ky~ she absolutely loves the dog! Excited that her teacher asked me to volunteer to help with a Christmas project. So fun. Love working with kiddos :-)


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