Friday, March 08, 2013

Almost 5!

Tonight our little girl fell fast asleep as I was reading her a book at bedtime.  How precious to be able to pray with her and tuck her in as she drifts off to dreamland.  It is hard to believe that she will be 5 years old in less than 2 weeks.  Everyday I see a little more evidence that our baby girl will soon be in Kindergarten.  It is hard to put into words how fast these years have gone. In some ways it has been a bit of a whirlwind but I really feel these have been some of the best years of our lives.  Our family is now complete and although we have faced our challenges I feel they have only strengthened our faith and our love and commitment to one another.

Mornings are so great with my girl.  I love when we just spend quiet time coloring and talking or playing with play dough.  Another favorite is working on puzzles together.  She likes help but likes her independence a little bit more. Who am I kidding? A lot more.  She will sit and draw or paint five or six pictures in a row at her Art Studio;) She is really into creating and crafting and loves her bling and glitter.  I just love hanging out with our spunky girl.

One day when I was picking her up from school her teacher hit the nail on the head.  She said "She's quiet on the outside but on the inside there's a wild woman trying to get out!" I have seen that wild little woman more than once.  I love her boldness and her confidence.  She makes friends so quickly and gets along well with kids of all different ages.  Ky is so loving and is quick to give hugs and acceptance.  She recently announced her crush on Landon's new friend from church who comes over to play and lives in our neighborhood.  She said "I wish to marry Daniel" and told everyone including her teacher about him. Oh my.

I love watching her dance around the house spinning in circles and creating her own little dance moves! At dance class she has so much fun and loves watching herself spinning in the mirrors. My funny girl has my heart. She is such a blessing. I am still working with her on several things and learning new things everyday in this parenting journey.  Sometimes I just have to sit back and take it all in.  In a way I am in fact parenting a mini~me or at least it feels that way at times. However, I was very shy and extremely shy when I started school.  Somehow I don't think we will be seeing much of that.  I love that she is so free~spirited without a care in the world. Of course we have our differences and similarities and believe it or not we can butt heads at times. It is funny how a little thing like a {grumples jar} or offering choices can make such a difference in our day. 

She is truly amazing and loves to sing and pray at bedtime.  She is now reading to us at bedtime:) and doing so well in school.  Her confidence is soaring and she has made tremendous progress with her speech.  At the beginning of the year, the other kids had a difficult time understanding her but now that she practices those sounds in speech she has made so much progress. She loves sitting on Mrs.Sener's stool and reading books to her PreK class.  It is hard to believe she will be starting school in August. I hope to do lots of volunteering in all the kid's classes.  For now we are having a party for the Little Miss and it is all pretty exciting. She squeals whenever she sees anything Hello Kitty so I think this will be a B~day party she will not soon forget.  It also includes painting so our little artist will be completely in her happy place. So much fun.

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