Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Holding On

As she danced for the whole family tonight I smiled upon her love for life and the beauty of each spin and movement she made,  Tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as she danced ballet style to Holding On.  The words to the song spoke volumes to me and she was so beautiful, amazing and full of passion and grace.  She is truly a gifted little girl full of God's love and strength.  He has special plans for Kyleigh Rose! Her energy, spirit and spontaneity are contagious.

How is it that this tough strong basketball playing Mom could be reduced to a puddle of tears watching her little girl dance after dinner.  The girl that said if she ever had a little girl she would not likely take dance lessons.  The girl who was not allowed to dance now watching as her daughter twirls around the family room swaying her arms and creating such beauty with every move.  Not perfect but so creative and from the heart. She and I feel the same way when we hear the music. She asks me to dance with her and I do.  Our hearts sing together and we soar above the problems of this world.  We press forward pursuing only Him and his call, his grace, and his peace in our lives. I am joy and sadness, peace and madness.  If only I could fight just a little longer, I know it's gonna make me stronger.  I just keep holding on to what I believe.  Lord, I believe in you.  ~Jamie Grace


amybutton said...

That's beautiful, Angie.

Angie said...

Thanks Amy:-)