Friday, April 04, 2014

Super Star of the Week

Dear Cameron,

You have a big brother and a little sister.  You make them laugh all the time.  You often give up your turn for them.

You have two cats, but Bella has always been yours.  We saw her at the SPCA, but you didn't pick her out, she picked you.  She sat in your lap and stayed there a long time because she knew how loving you are.

You taught yourself to swim.  You love to go outside.  You sing amazing.  We smile so big when we hear you sing.

Cameron, you are at your best when you are helping others,  You freely encourage and build others up.

We laugh together.  We play.  We have fun.

We love you better than a hamburger!

Dad and Mom

April 1, 2014


amybutton said...

So sweet <3

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