Monday, September 22, 2014

Kid Zone October 5, 2012

Kyleigh and I stayed home from church a couple of Sundays ago as she has not been feeling well.  Landon called me on the way home and he sounded so excited and inspired.  He said "Mom, I finally felt what it is like to worship!" He said that he really entered in today. He said "When I worshipped I felt so alive with God."  It was beautiful.

Shane and I have been helping out in Kid Zone once a month and Landon doesn't really raise his hand for games or volunteering which is fine.  On this day he said he raised his hand and he really had a connection with the Lord.  There is nothing that could make me more proud! The awesome thing is that he would not just raise his hands because others around him were. It had to resinate with him and when he felt the leading of the Holy Spirit he entered in.  God makes all things beautiful in his timing. Since that Sunday Landon has written poems and a story at school about the Holy Spirit.  So thankful. God is working.

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