Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Gift

In a land far away there was a steely knight named, Matthew, and there was a loyal king named, Landon.  One day King Landon was plotting a way to destroy the sinister dragon.  He needed a knight to destroy the dragon. He chose Sir Matthew.  King Landon told Sir Matthew to find the dragon and kill the dragon.  Then Sir Matthew was on his way.

While looking for the dragon Sir Matthew was unyielding to anything but the dragon and his friends, God and Jesus.  Finally Sir Matthew found the dragon and encircled the dragon.  All Sir Matthew could think about was what the reward would be but he stayed focused.  Finally he beat the dragon because he twined him.

Then Sir Matthew returned to the king.  King Landon said, “You have done good my little friend.” Then Sir Matthew waited to hear his reward but he didn’t hear anything.  “What about my reward” said Sir Matthew.  Sir Matthew was getting neglected and acting like King Landon was insignificant and unyielding.  “Your reward was with you the whole time” said King Landon.  Your reward was the Holy Spirit.  “You had it with you when fighting the dragon.”  Use the Holy Spirit everywhere you go and congratulations.

Landon had to use certain vocab words:-) Love!
Oct. 8, 2012

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