Thursday, January 08, 2015


The other night Cameron and Kyleigh had a bit of a coughing fight.  Yeah. She coughed on him and he coughed back on her and he accidentally hit her so the story goes.

At bedtime Cameron sheets were on the floor so we questioned what had happened. It was a little weird and I don't really think the cats could have pulled that off.  Anyway, Kyleigh acted as if she knew nothing about it and went on to bed. 

When tucking her in I told her that she can tell me anything. That she needed to be honest and that she was not in trouble. She broke down crying covering her face with the blanket and said "I was mad and I only do that when I'm angry." We talked about her expressing her feelings to Cameron next time or coming to us for help.

Cameron came in while we were talking to ask me something and she was able to tell him everything and how she was feeling. And told him she was sorry about his bed.  This was real progress.  I could tell he was touched but didn't know just how much. Then they met up in the hallway and hugged each other two times.  It was so cute to witness.

So when I went to tuck him in and scratch his back he had tears in his eyes. He said "I'm thankful for my little sister. It would have been way different" and started choking up. I asked "What would have been way different?" He said " It would have been way different in our family without a little sister.  She's a lot of fun and she brings a lot of fun to our family."  By this time I am bawling too. I love his heart.

She walked in and we were both crying and hugging and she took one look and went into her comedy routine.  Whenever I am starting to cry she goes into her Duck Dynasty dance and says "Chicken Fry" over and over. A bit of an inside joke. I guess you just have to see it for yourself.  This started around the time Jase Robertson came to our church and I laugh out loud every single time. She knows that.  Then she said there are two reasons why I don't like to see you cry Mom. "Number one, it's annoying and number two, it makes all your make up go off your face and looks yucky." Cam was right. Our girl adds a little spunk to the Johnson crew and we love her to pieces.

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