Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sunday nights

So tonight we had our question time with the kids at dinner😊 We missed last week so we started back tonight. Sometimes they are asking and other times we throw out a question. They really were so mature and seemed to enjoy it. All three kiddos talked about feeling confused about how to know the difference between thinking about something in your mind and being led by the Spirit. We had such a great discussion and they were all genuinely interested in learning and hearing more... from the word. So cool that the 5th graders read Bro. Hagin's book on this every year before they move up to youth group.
As we were discussing this with them the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. It was awesome to be able to share that with them. I felt led to pray for their future spouses and we started praying for each child starting with Lan. God really touched their hearts and it was such a special time. We turned around to pray for Ky and she was missing. It didn't take long to find her hiding under the blanket on the couch lol! Definitely not ready for this marriage talk. She wants to hang out with us a bit longer. So cute. We prayed with her about her friendships and she was cool with that. Love these children ‪#‎thankyoulord‬#theyareablessing#specialtimes

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