Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Landon has Cousins!!!

Landon has cousins!!! This past Sunday Amy and the girls stopped by for a visit!

Landon and Chloe pretty much played with every toy we have! What a time they had dumping out the toys in all directions and riding in the wagon together! It was great just watching the two of them just go at it! Playing outside, in the play kitchen, with the train, and so on! They absolutely loved Shane's WILD wagon rides!

Amanda really had a knack for the Ping Pong! She caught on so quick! It was really great to talk with her! It is amazing how much she has matured in the past year and a half! What insight she has for someone her age!

All the girls are so beautiful!!!
Little Halle was so sweet! I loved holding her and seeing her smile! She was so content and so adorable!

We really enjoyed spending quality time with Amy and had a nice time just relaxing and hanging out. Hopefully we will get to see Trav soon as we missed seeing him this time!


supershane said...

Cravis has done well!

Amy said...


Trav is asleep right now, but I'm going to tell him you called him Cravis.