Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What A Great Night!

Tonight was the Advisory Board Dinner for Peace River Center. We have been working so hard to complete the scrapbooks to display them tonight. I was asked to speak about the therapeutic benefits of our scrapbooking project with the kids. We were able to display the albums completed by the students and teachers and everthing just looked so nice. My co-workers are so great! Three of the teachers as well as my wonderful husband came to support me. One of our students was able to come as well! I am so proud of him! He will probably make an excellent fashion designer or computer graphic artist someday! That is if he can keep his head above water with all he has had to deal with in his family!

I was pretty laid back about the whole thing and suprisingly was not too nervous. The meal was so good and we really had a great time! One of the speakers is the principal of Valleyview Elementary and spoke about three families who had been helped through PRC. Judge Herring was also there and received an award. It was an honor to speak to business partners and people in the community about our children and the progress they are making! We took a lot of pictures so I will try to post a few later!

Landon had a great time tonight as our neighbors Cara and Fred watched him! He and Alivia had a blast playing with all the trains! Cara said Landon played with one of the trains in the living room for around an hour and a half! Alivia is one year old and is so cute!!! Whenever she sees Landon she squeals and has the cutest laugh ever! We are blessed to have such good friends as neighbors!

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