Thursday, June 02, 2005

Daddy Day

Several weeks ago Shane decided that Thursday is "Daddy Day!" He picks Landon up and they go out to dinner and do fun guy stuff! They always come home so excited to have spent time together!

The first Thursday was a little strange for Mom! I was like, OK, so what do I do now? I usually pick up Landon in the afternoons so I just drove around and ended up at Starbuck's where I tried one of the low-fat Iced Lattes! Yum! I believe it was the Vanilla Caramel! From there I went to Books a Million and got to take my time looking though the best sellers and inspirational books. I picked up a book by T.D. Jakes for a co-worker and found the neatest little devotional book.

The title is "I'm a Good Mother"-A Devotional Book for the not-so-perfect Mom! I had to laugh! It is full of affirmations and inspiration! Each devotional is so simple and practical and seems to apply to everyday life. The author, Gigi Schweikert, says that doubt, guilt, and uncertainty plague even the best of moms. God has placed within you all the qualities required to be the mother you want to be. She states that all you need is some affirmation and inspiration. I know it has helped me so I thought I would pass it along.

It has been very affirming. Each devotion is a positive statement such as "I spend time with my child", "I sing with my child", "I don't worry what others think of me" and so on. She talks about setting goals but also states that right now your biggest goal may be fitting a shower into your day. I remember those days! Whenever I start to feel guilty about something I haven't done, I remind myself of all the things I have been doing!

Today the devotion was simply, "I laugh."

Today I will laugh at the funny things my child says, in conversations with my friends, and at the silly mistakes I make. I won't take life so seriously.

God, create in my mind a different picture- the movie of my life, set to music and full of laughter.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come." Proverbs 31:25


mary said...

That's really cool. Both the idea of Daddy Day and the devotional. Sounds like some good stuff.

Joyce said...

My dear daughter-in-law, you are one of the finest mothers I have ever known! I wish you could have been around to be an example to me!

I have been receiving affirmation from different sources lately. Because of my analytical mind, I'm always attaching blame to myself and I know now that we all fail in many ways (that's why we need a Saviour!) and most of us do the best we can with the skills that we have! Even the most perfect father ever had children who chose to go their own way and sin big time (Adam and Eve)!

P.S. I have the most gorgeous, cutest, sweetest grandchildren any one could ever dream of! I call them the BB (bright and beautiful)!

Angie said...

Thank you for the encouragement!

I know I still have a lot to learn but I am excited about the journey.....