Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Weekend Highlights

This past weekend I went to a baby shower for Michelle Doddy. I am so excited for Michelle and Jayson! They are expecting a baby girl and the due date is July 15.
Shirley was the first to tell me her name is Haley Madison. Michelle said that Kevin is painting a beach mural in the nursery to go along with the beach theme. How relaxing. How serene! SERENITY NOW! (sorry~ it's a Seinfeld thing)

On Sunday we got to visit Crossover Community Church in Tampa with Doug, Joyce, and Alyssa! This church has an incredible outreach ministry to the youth and teens who might otherwise be caught up in the streets. The pastor, Tommy Kyllonen, graduated from Southeastern and started a hip-hop ministry on campus back when I was there. He has a heart for these kids and the community and is so down to earth and so real!!!! I could really feel that his heart is in the right place.

They focus a lot on discipleship and training and have talent development classes during the week. I think they have dance, emcee training, drama, and choir classes every week. The other thing is the artwork. These kids are so talented from the paintings in the church to the graffiti and artwork on the basketball court and skate park. I was just totally impressed that the youth have been such an active part. In a way, this is probably more like a family than anything these kids have every known. Kids who join gangs do so to be a part of a "family", to have the structure and discipline they long for, and just to belong. We need more ministries that meet the kids where they are!


mary said...

Wish I could have come for Michelle's shower. We are planning to come down in July so hopefully we can see them then. If the baby comes early...we may even see her!

Joyce said...

I'm thrilled for Jayson & Michelle!

I'm aslo thrilled that God chose us to be a part of what he is doing at Crossover......