Saturday, March 17, 2007

What Are You Looking At?

This giraffe just seems to say "Hand over the cracker and no one gets hurt!"
We would have but the crackers were $2 and after going back to get one I realized that I needed tokens. Oh well, maybe next time.
We had a fun day combined with beautiful weather last Saturday at the Lowry Park Zoo. It had been a while since Landon had been as our passes expired when he was 2 and we just never renewed them. So, it was like getting to see his reactions again for the first time. He was very cautious with some of the animals and would stand behind us and peek around even when they were sleeping. As was the case with the tiger. When we arrived he saw a picture of a tiger and said he did not want to visit the tiger today. So when it was time to pass by the tiger Landon tip toed past and said "Shh, We need to be so quiet so we don't wake the tiger." He loves animals and reading about them. I guess it is just different when they are within a few feet. I thought the monkeys would be a big hit but the giraffes seemed to be his favorite. They have a place where you can feed them so we got pretty close and he looked on in amazement. Cameron just seemed to be taking it all in and seemed to enjoy it. We hung around the Safari Africa side the most and loved watched the baby elephant with his parents. He was so cute and just ran around chasing all the birds. The African Penquins are to arrive this Summer which won't be long now. Yeah for zoo passes!!!
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