Thursday, April 05, 2007

We have been talking about a new digital camera since ours is over 4 years now. I still am not sure I know exactly all the features that our old camera has but was happy with these sephia pictures of Lyss! We went to a park in Pinellas County last Saturday that Shane and his family went to when the boys were little. It was really serene place yet there was plenty to do for the kids. While the rest of the group went on a bike ride Alyssa and I stayed back with Cameron and I just picked up my camera and got some great shots. She is a beautiful subject and I took a ton of photos. The lighting seemed to be just right. I remember hearing before from our wedding photographer that it is best to shoot pics when it is a little overcast. An yway, I have a lot to learn and would LOVE to take real photography classes and buy a real camera with different lenses that I could play with. Maybe someday!
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Christy said...

Huh. That makes me feel old. I remember how weird it was to think that all those boys were getting a little sister.

Angie said...

It seems like just a few years ago but when I met Shane Alyssa was only 3 years old!!!Now she is 16!!! Oh my goodness!