Monday, April 16, 2007

Whenever I have a moment or two I love browsing The Scrapblogs for inspiration and ideas!!! It is so fun to check out design ideas, colors, and textures and all. I came across some really great photos from two very amazing photographers!!! It is hard to describe but when I saw some of their images it literally took my breath away. Some of the photos include a certain toy or stuffed animal but don't always include the child's face. One really stuck out and it was just a little boy from the waist down holding a little bear or the little girl with the hot pink cowboy boots- too cute. It is so different from just posing and saying "Cheese." I admit that I still take the boys to JC Penney and I like the pictures but do get tired of the waiting, bright lights and all. It just seems so much more natural to take them outside to capture more of their personality. Of course, I don't have the knowledge or equipment to take the best pics but I do have fun with it. Anyway, here are a few sites I Love!!! Amazing Stuff!!! and

It is so inspiring to read how they got started and how their companies have progressed. Anyway, I would love to take a trip to Marietta, GA. for a photo shoot of the boys. I know I am crazy (maybe obsessed?) when it comes to pictures! I tend to go overboard and then find it frustrating when all those pictures don't make it into my lovely scrapbooks! Anyway, I think the new PicFolio albums have helped me out a lot but the thing I am most excited about are the Digital storybooks. So Neat! It took me a few hours to finsh my first one on-line! I made one for Shane all about the boys to take to the office. It was so fun and there are so many different templates and styles that I didn't get bored at all.

Ok- enough for now! I'm done!!!


Mary said...

I really like the digital photo books as well. Which company did you go with? I have done one with but I know there are lots of options.

Angie said...

I signed up for the photo plan with and ended up getting the photo book for free! My next one will probably be with Creative Memories as they have a lot of new options and background themes and colors.