Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Few More

I don't know exactly where these will end up but probably somewhere in the front room. They were each 25 cents:) I love the look and they match that room so well or at least they will once it has been painted.

Shane, Landon and I were also so happy to find an unopened Elf Movie soundtrack CD for 1 buckaroo. It has some great classics and Elf is turning out to be one of our our favorite Christmas movies! Pile on a Thomas table for 5 dollars for the kids to sit and draw or work on crafts and it made it completely worth my time. I can't wait until next week except that we have two festivals that day. Looks like I will be the one needing to have a sale soon!


Mary said...

Okay...Amy just posted about the perfectly wonderful yard sale find as well. I'm totally seeing a Button/Johnson family summer vacation to the world's longest yard sale in your future. :)

Angie said...

Oh my gosh! I did not know about this Mary! I would definitely need to rent a truck for this one. Sounds like so much fun!

I watched some show on HGTV where they divided into teams and did something like this. One lady found everything she needed for her daughter's bridal shower. Beautiful china and mismatched plates, saucers, vases and more all in cobalt blue, yellow, and white. I think she also found chairs and fabric to cover them in as well. Any way you look at it I am addicted:) Even if I had the money I would still do it just for fun!

Amy said...

Ooh, maybe we should let the guys keep the kiddos and we'll fill up a truck together :)

Angie said...

That sounds like a plan! I can see the looks on the guys faces now:))