Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It was so much fun to take these pictures of Cameron! I came across these overalls one day in the boy's closet and it occured to me I needed to go ahead follow through on something. You see these overalls were Shane's when he was a little tike and quite a cute one at that. I probably should take the time to scan the original studmuffin in the rainbow suspender overalls as well:) The eyes have it! He looks so much like Shane did and the curls even look the same as pictures I've seen of Shane. He is definitely a Daddy's boy and is Shane's cute little shadow most of the time. When I am away for a while he will run with arms open wide saying "MAMA" though so that just melts my heart. He also likes me around at bedtime too which is really sweet although he is not the easiest little guy to get to sleep:) Cameron surprisingly posed quite a bit which is kind of unusual for him. Anyway we just love our little man to pieces and he is growing so fast. Today Landon was saying that he loved me and then I was telling the boys I loved them and Cameron said something like No and shook his head. After I pouted that he wasn't giving me the love he said "Mama, I love you too" clear as a bell.

He is doing so well with his speech and loves singing pirate songs and currently will sing Jingle Bells to infinity if you let him. He loves going to his class at church and practically jumps out of our arms to get to his class. A few months back he started running around saying "GOD LOVES MEEE" while throwing his hands up in the air which is what Mrs. Corrita at church says every week in See and Know. He loves his baby and gives her lots of hugs and asks for " More more baby" when he wants to hold her. Cam loves animals and just melts anytime he is around them. He really softens and comes alive at the same time and we are thinking about a pet but not quite yet ready for the challenge!
Cameron is crazy for dinosaurs and we would love to take him to Dinosur World soon. Cam is so happiest when he can just play in the sand and water and would stay outside all day if he could. He and Landy have good times together racing robots, dinosaurs, and playing trains together. It is great having Landon home from school right now and they are having a blast!


Mary said...

Little heart breaker. He's just adorable.

Amy said...

I didn't really think about the fact that he's a "CJ" too. He's so sweet and is just beautiful. I love that little guy.