Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I Thought My Husband Liked to Bake!

I would love to post on Christmas and the many exciting happenings in December but I need to start somewhere! Thanksgiving was wonderful too but I will start with January and go in and fill in the gaps when I get a few minutes here or there.

During the past week or so we ventured out a little bit as Shane was off from work! After our baby girl started feeling better we definitely felt like getting out of the house but didn't want to push too hard so we took it a bit easy. We had never been to Ikea so we went to Orlando to check it out! We were not disappointed and had so much fun. Landon enjoyed pushing the cart and the kid's section was great. I was loving the high chairs and all the super cool storage options- a bit pricey but very easy on the eyes! I almost splurged on the bins but I really need to rethink our storage overall. Anyway, I am sure we will be back and we found some really neat stuff to bring home with us too:) I do regret that I did not spend more time looking at the frames but I knew to just keep walking. We did find some neat stuff for the boys and a nice rug for cheap. The prices were great and as we were leaving I kept finding little goodies for the house. So much fun! I guess they watch your kids while you shop but all three of ours were quite entertained with all there was to see.

On New Years Eve we went to Disney's Boardwalk and enjoyed walking through the Resorts to look at all the decorations and gingerbread creations! I guess Disney resorts do this every Christmas and here are the gazebo at the Boardwalk Resort and the Carousel at the Beach Club.
Last year we got to see the huge gingerbread house at The Grand Floridian which was also a little shop that people were selling gingerbread out of. So incredible!

This was the gingerbread house last year at The Grand Floridian

It was so much fun to see everything all decked out! Later in the week we returned to Downtown Disney to visit the new T-Rex Cafe by the same folks who brought The Rainforest Cafe. Lots of prehistoric and ginormous dinos and a Discovery Dig area that the boys did not want to leave even to go to the Lego store across the way. We finished the week off with a quick trip to our fav spot on Anna Maria to play in the sand and to walk around for a bit. It was so refreshing and so awesome to sit and watch the sunset. Beautiful!

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Amy said...

Wow! That is the coolest house ever! I wish we'd been able to do some things like that while we were there but maybe next time.

I can't really imagine leaving my kids at the Ikea child care center although it's a nice idea. When we went there was so much stuff but I couldn't imagine transporting it all back to TN.