Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What We're Up To

My days with Cameron and Kyleigh are beginning to take on a little more structure and they are becoming fast playmates. It is really sweet to see them interact together and to hear Cameron talk to *his* baby and show her things. Cameron is so funny when I tell him I love him. He immediately says "No, I love yooou" and then I repeat and we go back and forth for a while. It really makes my day:) I even get when he says "Not" which is his "No" and when he gets tired and grumpy and when he really needs a nap and is right on my heels at every step.

Lately Cam is loving the Elmo's Potty Time DVD and we watch it a lot. He likes to sit on his potty or sit with side by side with Elmo and his little potty. He has on occasion done his business and walked back to dispose of in the big potty and of course got lots of cheers!!! Other times there is resistance so I'm sure he will get it soon and that will be a happy day. He is definitely showing a little more interest and we have the Handy Manny big boy pants ready. Today he is decorating his potty with stickers. I may try the whole have a party for Elmo going potty and see how it goes. It would be Fun anyway!

Cameron loves the OBEY song and we have been singing it a lot. Landon likes it too and it reminds me to keep it somewhat light when I am discussing discipline issues with the boys. I still have a long way to go but have found that when i am heavy handed it usually doesn't go to well. The coolest thing is when Cameron starts singing O-B-E-Y out of the blue. I know that each of my children is so different and their needs and personalities are so unique! Like I said I am a work in progress and but have learned a lot being at home and received some very timely and annointed teaching on children at the ladies bible study at church led by Becky Combee. It was actually last summer when she did the series on children. I really needed it and it is amazing how God has used this teaching and brought things up from notes I took and such.

Cameron is really having fun playing dinosaurs and puppies and sharks or whatever animal he can get his hands on. I love how he tells me who each dinosaur is and our little conversations between them. I took Cameron and Kyleigh to Toys R Us and he really enjoyed being free from the stroller/cart and loved just exploring. He looked back and me with a huge smile and led us around the store for a while. He saw so many toys and checked out about half the store but ended up with a stretchy dragon that rang up for $1.99. It doesn't take much at least at this age anyway to make their day:) He sang the Dragon Mountain song from Backyardigans all the way home and smiled from ear to ear.

Then Friday we made a quick trip to Publix and one of the workers saw him playing with a huge Cat in the Hat balloon near the cards and asked if he wanted one. Cameron's eyes just lit up and he picked the red one and walked around the store so proudly. It had a little clip on it and he was entertained with it for hours once we got home and clipped that red balloon to anything and everything. I write all this to remember our days but also to remind myself to find joy in the smallest of things. How much I have learned from my children this past year.


Mary said...

They are such a blessing. I love to read what you write about your children. You seem to express so well their beautiful character and life.

Amy said...

I think I've learned much of what I know now from staying home with the kids. It's often challenging but always worth it. I'm glad you're settling in well and adjusting to staying at home. Your kiddos are amazing.

Angie said...

Thanks so much ladies! So sweet of you to comment:) I'm trying to keep up with blogging although I am so sporadic. I still want to order one of those blog books someday.