Friday, February 27, 2009

Over the Moon

in love with our baby girl!

How precious to be able to spend each day with Kyleigh and get to see every little new thing she learns and experiences. It is hard to even begin to express how much things have changed around here in the past year. I just feel that God is smiling over us and I am enjoying the sunlight and drawing joy and happiness from the little moments. Of course everyday is not happy and sunny but even when it is hard I love being with my kids and being here for them. There have been days in the past year or two and difficult times where I questioned a lot. Not necessarily God's love for me but just *stuff* that got in the way.

Just looking at my daughter gives me so much hope and just fills me up with joy! She is such an amazing gift and came at just the right time. She has a double crown right on top of her head. It is actually in the shape of a heart right now although her hair is growing pretty quickly. I am reminded daily that I need look no further than my daughter to realize the love of the Father. It is there in her eyes and in my sons' eyes when they light up and glisten with His love. I was able to talk with my Granny about possibly having a girl before she passed. She also had two boys and then a girl and is one of my heroes. I have never seen anyone work as hard as she did over the years and she was so humble about it and never brought attention to herself. I loved the way she laughed when we would brag on her though. So when I told her I would be staying home and might need some tips on gardening, canning, and sewing she was ready for me. She immediately asked what I wanted to know. She was such a wealth of knowledge and family history and was so in love with Jesus. He was her all in all! I look at Kyleigh who came to be with us shortly after my Granny went to be with the Lord and feel so grateful for all her prayers and for the conversations we were able to have. Our kids have such wonderful grandparents that love the Lord and have been blessed with a godly heritage worth more than great riches.

The funny thing about having a girl is that it is so different and I love the way it softens the boys although they were sweet boys anyway. When I used to think about having a baby girl it was something that brought joy just thinking about it and I felt like I might just burst (in a good way) if it ever happened. So having a girl of my own- Wow! How much fun and even if I can't buy her every little cute outfit I see~I feel so content just having her here in our little nest. She surprises me with something new everyday and we are all enjoying her so much. In a few weeks Kyleigh Rose will be one year old! It just does not seem possible but what a time to celebrate.

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Amy said...

How very sweet! Girls are such little blessings- boys are too but we don't have any of those :) Kyleigh is so beautiful and is just so sweet, you really are blessed.