Friday, February 27, 2009

Some cute stuff from this

past week:)

* After Landon's school pictures in which he sat sideways on a faux rock scene he said "Yeah, I sat on some rocks but not real rocks, they were fiction rocks."

* Lately when Landon sees that you look a little tired or down or when he occasionally loses a penny at school he says "Come on Mom give me a big smile."

*Cam's new thing is to ask everyone "What doing" and it is of course adorable. When I was upset one day he said "Don't worry Mom, It's OK" so sweet!

* Cameron is driving the red fire jeep all over the backyard and it so proud of himself. Poppa worked with him a little on the steering and he loved working on puzzles with Poppa and Larryboy today.

* We were all in the backyard and Shane was pruning the crepe myrtle trees and Cam took off inside the house. He emerged with a pair of my scrapbooking scissors and helped his Daddy prune all of the trees. Also, when Poppa and Daddy were doing repairs around the house he was not far behind ready with his tools in hand:)

*Kyleigh has been blowing lots of kisses to everyone and waving a lot too! She has two teeth on the bottom and is standing up on her own. Tonight she held one of Shane's hands and took a few steps and then stopped and clapped for herself. What an angel!

* Also, I have to include she is the cutest thing making her way around the house with her walker. She looks like a little old lady and it is so funny. She is so fast and just beams with pride.

* Yes~ Kyleigh watches American Idol too! She sits on my lap so still and listens to each singer intently and then immediately claps with the audience after each performance. It is so funny how it grabs her attention!

* My favorite thing this week was singing and dancing with Cameron and Kyleigh to *I Hope You Dance* in Kyleigh's room and then watching them laugh as we spun around in circles. It brought tears to my eyes. I just love these babies so much! Oh, and also throwing two frisbees to Landon and Cameron in the backyard and watching Landon run around in circles with his kite. I love his determination!!!


Amy said...

That is all so sweet! "Fiction rocks" how funny :) I'm so glad you're happy and they're happy- these years are so precious.

Mary said...

I laughed out loud at "fiction rocks." Too funny.

They are beautiful children Angie. You are blessed, and your heartfelt enjoyment and adoration for them is so encouraging to see. There are not enough families who appreciate one another...I'm sure you've seen that first hand.

God is so good to us to allow us to be moms. I'm sure it pleases Him to hear your heart each time you look at those babies.

Angie said...

Amy and Mary~ You are both such amazing moms and I am grateful for you! After all you have both inspired me in this journey when I needed it.