Monday, April 20, 2009


There is so much happening here but I guess I could update a little more often. We had a great weekend and ended up going to the Ellenton outlet mall yesterday. I finally got to go to the Gap Outlet and use some gift cards I have been hanging on to. They had just what I needed 1/2 off~score!!!! I really needed shorts, pants, jeans-you name it! I have some cute stuff but it is one size off and I still need to lose that baby weight. My new buddy whose son is Cameron's buddy Isaiah is a personal trainer so maybe I can get my butt into gear. She offered to come up with a plan for me and I am all for it. After the mall we headed to the beach and walked a lot while the kids ran around chasing seagulls and jumping into deep holes in the sand. Such fun and the sunset was lovely. It was a teeny bit chilly and but Kyleigh enjoyed the walk and the rose shell I found for her. She was not to keen on taking pictures although I managed to get a few.

Lately I have been playing with the thought of some sort of home based business. I tend to jump in too quickly on impulse so I am just looking around right now. I don't know how much time I would have to put into it anyway so I am just praying and trying to be realistic. I love some of the things I have seen but I think Kelly shared something that she felt would be a good fit for me. Maybe I should listen to her since she has known me since I was 5 years old:) We will see!

Saturday was the community yard sale of my dreams and I went alone!!!! Woohoo! 80 plus familes and no way to see everything but I found the coolest high chair ever and much much more.

I cannot believe my Little Cam will be 3 Wednesday!! He is running around with Buzz Lightyear saying "Me 3" and when we are home he is usually running around naked! He goes on the potty as long as there is no pull up but I don't think that would work for us in public. He IS making progress though! We are thinking of tennis clinic for Landy this summer which is actually really inexpensive and it lasts 8 weeks. I can't wait to watch. I love tennis and maybe we can play more as a family too! Miss Kyleigh is laughing and having ball with her brothers who know how to make her laugh. Sometimes it seems she is much older and that she understands our little jokes. Most of the time Kyleigh is pretty laid back although she will let us know when something is meaningful to her:0 She does let us know when she would like an extended bath or more time with a certain toy and is not shy about it. She has also started to show us her climbing skills lately. Sometimes it gets loud in our van so when everyone doses off it is pure bliss especially when paired with a coffee in hand. It's the little things, ya know?


Mary said...

Keep us posted on the business plans. I love to hear about stuff like that and I'm sure you'd do very well. I don't know what *all* of your talents are but I know you have great taste and I'll bet whatever you do will be classy.

I enjoyed meeting Kyleigh and seeing your kids again. They really are beautiful.

Amy said...

Wow! There's so much going on. Business stuff...I'm always thinking of doing something. But it always requires more than I'm able to give. I'm sure you guys can come up with a good plan though.

Awww, sweet Cameron. Sorry we missed his birthday but I'm sure it was lots of fun. Tennis lessons for Landon sound great- I wonder if he'd mind if I tagged along? I stink at tennis and Travis won't play with me- but I'd love to learn.

Angie said...

Thanks Mary! I just want it to be something enjoyable so it doesn't feel like work:)

Amy~ not sure I am ready to give much either except to the kiddos of course! I'm sure Landon would love the company:)