Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Why am I on here again reading other blogs and ignoring mine? There is just not enough time to write about everything going on and I usually don't even know where to start. Do I update on my kids and all their latest accomplishments or the amazing breakthrough moments I have had with Landon lately? How Kyleigh went in my room and closed the door hiding behind it saying "Where are you" this morning! She loves hide and seek and it is adorable:)

OR do I write about Mother's Day at the beach which was so nice except the part that I was up till around 3am with my baby girl who is teething:( I got to sleep in and still got a nice breakfast so it all worked out not to mention swimming in the crystal clear water-aahhh!!!!

OR do I write about my new work out plan which involves walking my neighborhood with huge inclines with my double stroller- I'm beat but what a workout. Steph is writing out some plans for me and I am determined to get this weight off.

OR things I am passionate about like photography (need to take a class soon) or studying up on renewing the mind. We finished an awesome session in Real Life based on a book by Mac Hammond called Soul Control. Awesome stuff!!!

OR how badly I need to get to the new Ikea in Tampa to get the Trofast bin system and try to get organized! Oh~ I guess I covered it all! What a relief:)


Amy said...

Kyleigh is so sweet! Those kiddos grow up before you know it...sigh. Well, whatever you decide to blog about I'm happy to hear it since I'm interested in all of that stuff :)

Mary said...

Fun! Sounds like good things are keeping you from blogging. I hope you keep us posted though.