Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Little Walk

This morning I was just going to clean out the van and head to Starbucks. We were out of beans~ ohh drats! So it turned out that after my coffee and banana loaf run I just went ahead and took the van downtown to our mechanic to have it checked out. Shane was going to do this but I was already half way there. So glad I did:) It felt strange at first to be by myself walking around downtown on a Saturday morning but I quickly figured out a plan. I went to all the spots that are not at all kid friendly and just took my time browsing and sipping my coffee along the way. One of the places I am always intriged by is Brooke Pottery and I love seeing all the gift wrapping and crowds there around Christmas time. Of course when we walk by it is usually packed at Frist Friday or the Walk a Bout. I don't even attempt to go in with my stroller and usually just window shop. Not this day! I was the only one and I was able to take as much time as needed to look at all the little treasures and lovely handmade jewelry. I found these really neat number tiles to hang outside on the house above the garage. They are not the ones I originally had in mind but I don't think they sell those anymore. Anyway it was so relaxing to browse and smell and touch without worrying about little hands reaching out or knocking into something with my stoller or diaper bag.

I wanted to go in The Patchwork Pig but they didn't open until 10 so down to an antique shop I went. It was definitely not a child friendly place (duh!) and they require you to lock up your purse in a locker due to breakage. Ok~ a little weird but I still had time to kill. It was neat seeing an old Coca Cola tray that my mom used to hang in our kitchen and antique toys and dolls although it was all just so overwhelming. Little knick knacks were everywhere but it was fun just to look around at some of the glass pieces. I did find a really neat book by Lisa Whelchel on MomTime which was propped up with some glasses on a very crowded shelf. It was just sitting there for me and I love all the topics and recipes in it. I can't wait to try some of them~ especially the pumpkin cheesecake squares! As I was leaving two ladies walked in each holding a chandelier and the second one caught my eye. It looked like something right out of a Rachel Ashwell book and would work great in Kyleigh's nursery if only we had wiring in that room for a light. She had just bought a house and replaced the chandelier so was bringing it to sell. I may need to go on another downtown trip very soon:)


Amy said...

That sounds like a fantastic trip. I went downtown recently and took the girls through some antique shops (thankfully I don't have to have a stroller anymore) and it is a little nerve-wracking for me worrying if I'll knock something over. I really wish those shops weren't so crowded.

Glad you got some much needed down-time.

Mary said...

Doing hubby a favor and you got one for yourself in the process. Way to go. He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed...I think that's Proverbs 11 somewhere. :)