Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a Day!

We sat in the Radiology Office for sooo long today and two out of three kids were crying and I felt like I might too. It was really close to naptime and when we left after getting everyone into the hot van it stalled and then started shortly after. I wondered what they guy next to me in his car with the window rolled down was thinking but I didn't really care. I just wanted out of that parking lot. The van needs something but I'm not sure what. I got so many knowing looks and glances from people in the tiny waiting room and some smiled and were helpful. I really do appreciate when people have compassion because sometimes it is hard just getting in and out of places we go. The lady at the desk mentioned that I have my hands full and complimented me on my diaper bag and made small talk. Every little bit helps and she gave all the kids stickers while we waited. It really does make a difference. Landon was so sweet and helpful today and I even saw him give Cameron a kiss on his forehead in the playroom today. He was so concerned about his little brother and even watched and entertained Kyleigh for me in her stroller outside the x-ray room. He is growing up and I am so proud of him!

Today made me think of a story I heard that I have never forgotten. A father boarded the subway with all four of his children who were very loud and making quite a scene. The people around noticed that the father seemed to be oblivious to what was going on. The kids were jumping around on the seats and maybe jumping over seats, yelling, and being unruly. A passenger came over and told the father that he needed to get control of his children and he responded by saying "Oh sorry I didn't even notice. We just received a phone call that their mother passed away." I can't remember the exact details of the mother's passing but took note to try not to judge people. My kids weren't acting up today but things do tend to get overwhelming very quickly when one wants to be held and then another and one is hurting so I am exhausted.

I am so thankful that Cameron had no fractures or dislocation to his forearm or elbow. He does have swelling around his elbow so we were told to just continue with ice and motrin. He has been hurting quite a bit after falling from the chair last night. He ate dinner sitting at his little Thomas table but later in the evening Landon was eating crackers at the big table and Cameron sat and had a snack with him. I turned around and saw him sitting a little to the left and he fell. I feel so awful. The table is gone and we will eventually get a lower one that seats six. I am just so glad that he is Ok and the nurse who gave me the results seemed just as excited so we did a little dance together.


Amy said...

Poor Cam. I am so sorry. I totally understand being overwhelmed with the two that are small and need to be held. If I'd been there I could have watched them. Of course, hopefully when we get there you won't need to sit at the radiologist :(

I'm very thankful with you that he's ok.

Angie said...

Yes~ he is doing so much better today:) I sure wish you were here too! We can't wait until our family is closer!

Mary said...

Wow. I'm glad he's alright. Poor little fella. Poor mommy too. It so often seems that when one thing is "out of whack" many others are slightly skewed as well. So we take our little side show out into public for all to respond to in any way they will. Three kids in a waiting room is no picnic and I've been there. Thank God for those who understand and get down and live with our children a bit instead of turning their noses up and judging.

Angie said...

Yes Mary! I know you can relate and we could probably share many stories. Funny how people give a second glance at the grocery store or wherever we go. I guess we provide lots of needed entertainment:)